Jenny & Gulfviews Imprints

Jenny is an artist printmaker and textiles screen printer with extensive skills in community development and small group facilitation.

Jenny’s passion is printmaking; her printmaking practice includes screen printing on fabrics and paper;
relief: lino-cut, wood-cut and mokuhanga; 
Intaglio Printing: collagraphy, cardboard etching,
photopolymer (solar) plate and waterless lithography.

Her preferred drawing media include watercolour, ink and graphite.

Jenny is a rural South Australian, living and working in
Port Augusta where the desert and the Flinders Ranges
meet the sea.

It is this location that inspires her practice, exploring both the beauty and value of our natural environment, and human – environment tensions particularly global warming and non-biodegradable waste.

Her more personal work inquires into her lived experience as a woman, a feminist and the peace and aloneness that a solitary life entails.

Jenny’s early artistic explorations were in watercolour and textiles – spinning, weaving, felting, embroidery, silk painting. 
More recently her focus is on printmaking and watercolour. 
She is largely a self-taught artist, learning through attending workshops and from books and online resources.

Jenny has a keen interest in using art as a medium for small group development, building self-esteem and conflict resolution.  She successfully obtained a
Master of International and Community Development in 2011.

Jenny runs a spacious printmaking studioGulfviews Imprints, in Port Augusta, available for access hire to experienced screen-printers/ printmakers.

The studio has an etching press (60x 100cm) and photopolymer plate making machine, inking rollers and print drying racks.
Screen-printing equipment includes carousel for garment/placement prints, 10m yardage screen-printing table and large vacuum screen-printing table for works on paper; large exposure unit and heat tunnel and heat press for curing prints on fabric.

Jenny holds various regional printmaking and textiles workshops and classes on request – head on over to the Workshops page for details.